Sunday, 20 May 2007


Samson was a friggin' suicide bomber. With a final cry to God, Samson pushed over the central pillars, collapsing the temple and killing more enemies at his death than he had in his life. [1] Of course, he was dubbed a martyr and a hero after that and not as the dangerous fanatic that he was.

Moses was an ungrateful junkie. After being raised as a prince, he had the nerve to revolt against the kingdom that nursed him, and smoke weed for 40 days and 40 nights under "religious purposes" (well how else could he talk to God?).

And Yahweh, that murderous racist. “In the cities of the nations the Lord is giving you as an inheritance, do not leave alive anything that breathes.” [DT 20:16] He's inconsistent too. First he says Adam was to die right after eating the fruit [GE 2:17], then a few passages later he claims the guy lived up to 930 years [GE 5:5]. Make up thine mind!

Oh, and Jesus? There isn't enough evidence to prove he actually existed. Most of his mythology was probably taken from earlier 'dying-and-resurrecting' gods like Dionysus, Tammuz, and Osiris.

Now before you plan to burn me at the stake (or hang me if you're Protestant), first of all, you can't. So don't waste your time. Secondly, I actually meant no disrespect. All that was just an example. I just want you to think of how painful this all sounds - you bloody fundies - the next time you slander other people's religions, myths, and deities. I know this is a common Christian ("Christian") custom. So drop it, please. For Christ's sake. I'm pretty sure Christ wouldn't have encouraged bad-mouthing other people's personal belief systems, yes?

A little respect, please. A little more humanity.


  1. Man, I hate those "my god is better than your god" gits. Does the person read your blog?

  2. I hope, at least, one of them does.... (--,)

    Will read all your new entries once I'm free. Back to work na nga pala ako....